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Ahlstrom launches Coralpack NG, a PFOA-free* flexible packaging paper for greasy food products Featured

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ahlstromAhlstrom, a global high performance fiber-based materials company, has developed a PFOA-free* version of its Ahlstrom Coralpack range, a flexible packaging paper for direct wrapping and packing of numerous grease-containing food products, such as biscuits, pastries, coffee beans, fast food, take-away food, pizzas, popcorn for micro wave, butter & margarine, soup cubes and many more.

To produce grease resistant packaging papers, fluorochemicals are added in the paper production process. However, deriving from the production process of these fluorochemicals, trace amounts of PFOA can be found as an unintended impurity.  In January 2006, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invited manufacturers of fluorochemicals to commit to reduce by 95% PFOA from their emissions and products content not later than by 2010 and to eliminate it totally by 2015.

To offer its customers a grease resistant paper free of this unintended impurity, Ahlstrom Group Product & Technology Development services have designed a new generation of grease resistant papers.

Today, the entire Ahlstrom Coralpack paper range is available on request in a New Generation (NG) version, free of PFOA*. The product's paper range spans from 32 to 200 grams per square meter and offers high performance paper characteristics such as printability, laminating, extrusion and crimping. Ahlstrom Coralpack is produced at the Rottersac plant South-West of France. Whatever their grease contents, food products packed or wrapped in Ahlstrom Coralpack papers are always free of grease stains, which positively impacts the image of different brands in consumer minds. This environmentally-friendly product improvement is another Ahlstrom contribution to make its customers stay ahead in their markets.

* Does not contain Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) (below current detection limits of 20 ppb), cannot release PFOA or any PFOA precursor.

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