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ABB introduces the new HDI 9 Web Imaging System Featured

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Innovation from ABB delivers high resolution web inspection for the fastest paper machines

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has launched a new web imaging system for paper industry web inspection and quality control: the HDI 9 Web Imaging System. Combined with ABB’s state-of-the-art High Speed Cameras (HSC) and signal processing technology, this new solution offers a new generation of imaging hardware and software to improve performance, speed to capture and to provide an unprecedented level of defect detection on the fastest and widest modern paper machines.

2014-08-29 080520 abb webimage

ABB HDI 9 Web Imaging System

Accurate web defect detection, imaging and identification all play crucial role in automation, quality control, root cause identification and process improvement. The HDI 9 blends all new hardware and industry-leading software technologies to deliver a web imaging system that meets today’s demands for increased efficiency, quality and runnability and 100% inspection of end products.

The new features of HDI 9 include a new generation of high-speed, low-noise Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) cameras to deliver up to 80,000 images per second. These cameras yield high resolution images of the web process to capture every passing defect with previously unseen detail.

ABB’s new imaging hardware is complemented by new signal processing electronics to process and analyze the data in real time to categorize defects of all sizes using patented vision algorithms. For instance, the detection method includes several processing phases where the whole 12 bit dynamic range of sensors are utilized to reveal the smallest and lowest-contrast defects.

The HDI 9 system supports a variety of different web imaging geometries and high intensity illumination options using the latest LED technology to bring superior stability and measurement robustness for all applications.

With the new HDI 9 ABB sets new standards in web imaging system to optimize quality for the paper industry. Since 1970’s, ABB has delivered over 1300 Web Imaging Systems around the world.

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