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Acquisition of B-Pack Due

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Amcor announces today the acquisition of B-Pack Due, a cast polypropylene (CPP) film manufacturer based in Italy.

1 October, 2010:  The acquisition price is €43 million and represents an EBITDA multiple of 4.9 times annualised EBITDAof €8.8m.The business had sales in CY2009 of €43 million.

B-Pack Due is a leading manufacturer of film for high performance applications using complimentary technology to Amcor’s existing platform.  Key end markets are medical, pet food and other laminated food packaging. Amcor currently purchases approximately a third of B-Pack Due production.
As part of the acquisition of B-Pack Due, Amcor has also entered into an exclusive supply agreement with Colines S.p.A, a world leading manufacturer of extrusion lines, and supplier to B-Pack Due.  The exclusivity agreement, which covers large capacity lines, provides Amcor with protected access to a world leading CPP manufacturing technology that will serve as a platform for anticipated further expansion in CPP films.

Amcor’s Managing Director and CEO, Ken MacKenzie said: “This acquisition is an important step in the overall film strategy for the flexibles business.

“B-Pack Due is a global leader in the production of cast polypropylene film and has a number of specialised products and unique process know-how.
“This acquisition is complementary to our existing operations as Amcor currently does not have a large position making these films.

“The acquisition price of 4.9 times EBITDA enables us to achieve very strong returns on our investment”.

Annualised EBITDA is based on second quarter calendar year 2010 earnings. This is the first quarter that additional production from capacity commissioned in February 2010 was fully available for sale.  Based on calendar year 2009 earnings, the EBITDA multiple is 5.3 times.

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