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Tuesday, 21 July 2020 10:15

From toilet paper to face masks

Fabio Perini patents technology to produce up to 10,000 biodegradable bamboo masks per minute

The upgrade is available for Fabio Perini converting lines, new and/or already installed

A technological innovation capable of producing up to 10 thousand face masks per minute, which can be adapted to all main "non-woven" materials, including a particular bamboo-based material that can be disposed of with other organic waste. This is the patent filed by Fabio Perini, a Lucca based company which is part of the Körber Tissue Business Area. The technology, which developed in just over a month during lockdown, can be quickly added to the company’s converting machines, new and/or already installed with customers all over the world.

2020 07 21 101353

Oswaldo Cruz Jr., CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A. and the Körber Tissue Business Area, has this to say about the technology: “Opportunities for innovation are everywhere, even in the midst of a health crisis, and during the lockdown our team got to work to respond to two needs: on the one hand, the huge demand for face masks – the  Polytechnic University of Turin , for example, estimates that Italian companies alone will need almost 1 billion a month -; on the other, the issue of their disposal. In just over a month, from ideation to production, we arrived at the solution: a technological update that would allow the production of up to 10,000 masks (in rolls) per minute, and the use of a bamboo-based non-woven fabric that is biodegradable and can be disposed of with other compostable waste”.

These single-layer masks are very useful for daily, collective, and community use in places such as airports, public transportation, shopping malls, supermarkets, groceries and of course in our workplaces.

2020 07 21 101419

“The solution makes our machines also capable of manufacturing certified masks; however, pairing these materials with plastic would make the masks non-biodegradable. Nevertheless, together with different raw materials suppliers in the industry we are testing specific material solutions and we are confident of finding a solution soon” continues O. Cruz.

2020 07 21 101446Coronavirus has thus also diversified Fabio Perini's business. O. Cruz concludes: “On this innovation, all over the world, we have had excellent feedback from our customers and we expect a significant grow in our business. In fact, from our own privileged point of view - we work with toilet paper and paper towel manufacturers across the world, from China to the United States - we have seen an important change. Initially the request was to increase the production capacity of the machines, especially those for toilet paper, due to the "stock effect" of these products, and to cope with this we even introduced a service for the fast delivery of machines (and those who know our sector know very well that this is not easy!). As weeks went by, demand has focused more on folded tissue paper products, due to the increase in the number of disposable items being used to meet greater hygiene needs. I believe this will continue as a trend for a long time to come”.

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And on the webshop, over 80 thousand Fabio Perini spare parts immediately available

The fear generated by the coronavirus and the closures in several countries to fight the pandemic have triggered a rush to buy, or "panic buying" as the British call it. Not only food products such as pasta, milk, flour, eggs, water, but also toilet paper and tissue products are disappearing from the shelves. Many companies in the Tissue industry around the world have increased production to the maximum, however exposing machines to high risk of failure, and some of them do not have the ability to produce more. This is why Fabio Perini and MTC, Körber companies in the Tissue division, thanks to their leadership in the sector, their financial stability, and their strong worldwide presence, have decided to make available in a short time a selection of standard machines and lines for converting and packaging.

2020 05 27 094204

"In addition to the health emergency that we are facing globally, as a company we are committed to further develop our activities in order to respond promptly to the current production needs of the market - comments Mauro Luna, Global Sales Director Fabio Perini S.p.A. - In this historical moment the advantage of being able to deliver converting and packaging machines in a fast way is certainly an added value that we can offer our customers".

Several machines and lines are available such as, for example, for converting, the Constellation S8 and Proxima S6 or for folded products the Star M2 Napkin Folder, for packaging the A6T and CMW208 packaging machines. All can be delivered worldwide in less than 4 months.  On the website northamerica.fabioperini.com/equipment you can find the available technologies with features and benefits and the possibility to contact directly the company's sales team for information and quotes.

2020 05 27 094230

The fast procurement and delivery of spare parts is also very important because it minimizes downtime. Fabio Perini, through the Spares Online e-commerce platform, provides over 80 thousand spare parts, all available for fast delivery. On the webshop, available 24/24 from all devices, the customer can keep track of the order phases: check stock availability and delivery dates in real time, print commercial documents and track the order until it is delivered to his plant. The webshop also allows the creation of wishlists for repetitive orders and enables to receive personalized offers and promotions.

"During this period the production of equipment is pushed to its maximum with demands that far exceed normal use. - comments Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director, Fabio Perini S.p.A. - Unexpected equipment failure can lead to costly downtime and delays. Investing in and storing spare parts can help maximize production time and keep operations running smoothly. It is therefore critical to have an adequate supply of OEM spare parts that can help maximize operations".

2020 05 27 094527

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Augmented reality, a team of online experts, and the Tissue Performance Center for real time monitoring and technical support to the lines

The power of technology and human ingenuity allows solving problems thousands of kilometers away, without moving engineers nor tools, with the recourse to remote assistance and augmented reality. Fabio Perini has been working for a long time at solutions for remote and real time assistance to monitor information about the status of the lines, as well as for intervening in a punctual, timely manner. These solutions are proving particularly effective in circumstances like the present one.

“In these days of emergency, – Oswaldo Cruz Junior, Fabio Perini S.p.A. CEO, comments – Fabio Perini is able to offer concrete and effective support to its customers, to guarantee their operational continuity: we have in place already an outstanding infrastructure for remote connectivity and we can count on our global presence and on the know-how of all our teams around the world".

2020 05 26 102404

The Tissue Performance Center is a state-of-the-art technological environment where experienced technicians, with the support of the company's data scientists, continuously collect and analyze customer data to provide information on the status of their machines and suggest improvements to maximize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their production lines.

A direct connection to the customers' machines makes the Tissue Performance Center's work proactive by predicting potential downtime. Thanks to the visualization of the operating parameters, the online team of experts provides an assessment of the health status of the lines and highlights any anomalies. Periodically, the customer also receives a "medical record" on the production status of the connected lines and identifies, together with Fabio Perini's converting experts, what improvements can be implemented.

2020 05 26 102427

"At Fabio Perini we have more than 10 people who provide assistance to over 60 customers who are sharing with us the data of 1000 machines – Gianfranco Agnusdei, Fabio Perini S.p.A. Global Customer Service Director, comments – Whenever we find anomalies, we immediately contact our customers, help them identify the causes, find appropriate solutions and thus reduce costly downtime. In the future we could also offer a predictive maintenance service: this will allow us to anticipate and thus further improve performance".

The technical support is complemented by the TeamViewer Pilot, an augmented reality technology that allows viewing machines remotely to evaluate problems and suggest appropriate solutions. Through a video streaming directly from the camera of the smartphone and tablet, in real time, Fabio Perini technicians, also through 3D markers and indications applied to the real environment, are able to observe any problem and are able to guide the customer to a complete and rapid solution of the problem, anywhere in the world.

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Fabio Perini S.p.A. Brazil is enlarging its administrative offices in Joinville and its production plant to handle the increasing demand from the Brazilian and South American market for tissue paper and folded paper products.

“Brazilian and South American markets today are rapidly expanding and show a higher long-term growth rate than more mature markets like those in Europe and the US”, comments Dineo Eduardo Silverio, Chairman of Fabio Perini Ltda. “In South America, the tissue paper market has been growing by at least 3% a year, and we estimate a growth of around 15% over the next five years”.

The enlargement of the Joinville plant is also marked by the entry of MTC, technology leader in solutions for folded tissue products, in order to answer growing market demand in the tissue field from all over South America.

2019 12 15 211039

In late November 2019, an Open House was set up at the Joinville premises, where visitors could see in function, the first MTC machine made entirely in Brazil. A strategic move that aims at reinforcing the company on the market, increasing its competitive edge and providing on-site sales and after-sales services.

“Part of the growth of the tissue market comes from increased consumption of folded paper products, and one of the reasons which drove us to bring MTC technology into Brazil was to answer this growing demand: surely one of the main requests coming from the Latin American and South American market is for machinery to produce folded tissue paper products. In the coming years, we expect a further upward push”, says Dineo Eduardo Silverio.

In late July 2019, Roll-Tec, Brazil’s specialist in rolls for embossing and tissue production, was bought by the Körber Group’s Tissue Business Area. The purchase was intended to develop and reinforce the position of tissue on the Latin American market, driving Fabio Perini Brazil to study market expansion strategies in North America as well, in an effort to consolidate and expand their leadership in the Americas.

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Big news at Fabio Perini, as the company presents at MIAC, in absolute world premiere, the prototype of a totally ecologically sustainable, coreless and glueless kitchen roll.

“With this prototype - Enrico Zino, Fabio Perini Head of Marketing, declares – we provide the answer to three market requirements: delivering our clients as much product as possible without increasing bulkiness and without giving up quality; reducing waste consequent to core disposal,  maintaining the product’s structural characteristics across the whole logistic chain; and turning out a 100% ecologic product”.

2019 10 09 221154“Up to this time - Zino points out – several technologies had made possible an “environment friendly focus” limited to certain production phases: doing without the core for our rolls, eliminating glue or focusing on replacing plastics in packaging. Now, Fabio Perini is the first in the world to present a prototype of kitchen/towel roll combining already existent technologies with an absolute novelty, just patented and which will be moving to the industrial phase shortly after MIAC, that is, water lamination also for kitchen rolls”.

Fabio Perini has always had a green vocation, which in the past prompted the launch on its markets of ecofriendly solutions, even anticipating trends.

In 2010, Fabio Perini was the first company to propose gluefree solutions, barring the use of glue both in lamination (Aquabond) and in the initial pickup f tissue around the core (Web Tuck system Rewinder), reducing environmental impact and saving the cost of glue and the ensuing maintenance; it launched on the market the patented Solid and Solid+ coreless technology to produce full rolls that can keep the product’s structural characteristics, increasing by 16% the amount of tissue per roll with the same diameter, and attaining a 10% reduction of packaging required for the same amount of product transported. In addition, Fabio Perini recently presented a series of packaging solutions based on paper coupled with ecologic bioplastics, derived from vegetable starch and waste, creating a product whose characteristics are comparable to those of plastic polymers. This 100% compostable packaging can be processed maintaining the machinery speed at almost the same speed as with polyethylene production.

To all this, Fabio Perini is adding several solutions to limit the energy consumption of its machinery thanks to high efficiency engines and inverters, which consume less and have regenerative feedback capabilities, hybrid energy control-panel cooling, led lights drastically reducing the lighting energy absorption, inside the machines and the control-panels.

“The definition of sustainable development dates back to 1987 - Enrico Zino, Fabio Perini Head of Marketing, declares – but while at that time companies who embraced a growth compatible with environmental preservation were doing so by choice, today, as we become aware that our planet can no longer compensate the deep impact of our production and lifestyle, it has become a duty and a responsibility for all. For us at Fabio Perini – Zino concludes – nature and technology represent two sides of the same coin: nature is a perfect technology and our technology must be perfect for nature. We aim at offering, even at industrial level, a more and more sustainable business, by acting as key partners for all the companies that give the utmost priority to environmental compatibility”.

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Replace plastic packaging with a new eco-friendly, combined paper and bio-plastic material on Casmatic packaging machines.

Plastics are the most used materials in the world of packaging, but they need to be limited in light of recent restrictions of the European Commission concerning disposable products. In response, Fabio Perini has developed a "green" primary and secondary packaging solution that can easily adapt to current systems and existing equipment. This provides cost efficiencies for Fabio Perini customers and helps them actively contribute to safeguarding the environment while keeping up with technology and productivity.

To accomplish this, Fabio Perini had to identify the most suitable alternative to plastic for primary packaging. This material had to be not only eco-sustainable, recyclable and/or compostable, but also as versatile as the polyethylene in terms of abundant availability, product protection, packaging options, printability, and resistance to production-related mechanical stress.

2019 07 08 112001

Fabio Perini and a partner company conducted numerous materials tests on the latest generation packaging machines such as the CMW1000 and Carbon T, and ultimately developed an innovative, totally ecological material that combines paper and bioplastic to form properties that can be interchanged with normal polyethylene.

The new Paper Packaging Solution addresses the facts that paper alone is not strong enough and water-repellent for primary packaging and that bioplastic alone is not economically viable for use on an industrial scale. Paper Packaging Solution is a paper coupled with Mater-Bi, a totally ecological bioplastic having the same properties as plastic polymers, but with the added benefits of being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Two different types of Paper Packaging Solution products are available: a low-weight paper, 25 gm2, and a thicker paper, 40 gm2. Both are FSC-certified and are laminated or extruded with bioplastics with thicknesses ranging from 7 to 9 microns to ensure high pack weldability and an excellent product hygroscopic barrier.

Further, Paper Packaging Solution products are available in virgin paper or recycled paper. The 100% biodegradable virgin paper is certified "Vinicotte OK compost," which has the fibers closely joined to accommodate the higher heat needed for bioplastic fusion and perfect packaging seals, as well as being more resistant. The 100% recyclable and compostable paper has looser fibers. The

heat passes through it more easily to create package seals, but the looser fibers affect its resistance.

Paper Packaging Solution products are fully compatible with Casmatic's latest generation packaging machines — such as Casmatic A6T, CMW1000 and the new Carbon T — thanks to the "bio-pack kit." This innovative device makes it is possible to select the desired type of packaging material from the control panel and the Casmatic packaging machine automatically sets various parameters, including heat and time, required to perfectly seal the packages according to the packaging composition.

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Mr. Mauro Luna appointed Fabio Perini S.p.A. new Global Sales Director. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of San Paolo in Brazil, Mr. Luna completed his studies by attending a course in Marketing at the University of Berkeley in California and a Master of Business Administration in Brazil. He has developed a professional career in Sales, starting as Sales and Application Engineer with Voith Brazil and, in the following years, worked as Sales Director, Marketing and Business Development with SKF, where he had the opportunity to take up the role of Chief Executive Officer of SKF’s branch in Peru. His last job was as Commercial Director for Amcor Rigids Plastics. Mr. Luna will lead Fabio Perini’s Sales department at global level.

2019 05 03 124856

“He will enhance Perini’s existing markets and customers” says Oswald Cruz CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A. “and thanks to his many years of sales experience and his knowledge of different contexts he will lead the Global Sales of Fabio Perini to understand the current needs of the market, and to be closer to each journey of our Customers with our products and services”.

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The Joinville, Santa Catarina, site honored with the prestigious award for 2018

Fabio Perini Brazil, a branch of Fabio Perini S.P.A., a leading global supplier of machinery and services for tissue converting and packaging, gained a place of honor in the authoritative ranking of US Institute “Great Place to Work® Certified” which since the ‘90s has been implementing the worldwide ranking of the best places of work all over the globe. Fabio Perini Brazil gained 11th place in the regional ranking of mid-range companies.

2019 01 14 173352

The mission of the Great Place to Work Institute is evaluating companies’ working conditions and management of service suppliers. Through employee and employers’ surveys, the people management, the workplace and the employees’ confidence are evaluated, and a ranking is elaborated on the basis of indicators of credibility, respect, impartiality, pride to belong.

Silvana Dellacqua – Human Resources Manager of Fabio Perini – pointed out the company’s utmost attention towards human relations and resource development: “We keep investing in technical training and language support, in order to promote more effective communications among employees, and over the years we have developed an efficient network of relationships among different teams. In addition, the existing communications channels allow our employees to contribute their suggestions to enhance collaboration, therefore stimulating people’s interest and involvement.”

2019 01 14 173432

“I wish to congratulate everybody for this achievement – commented Dineo Silverio, Company President for Brazil and South America - People are what makes the difference in growing a business. A high level of internal satisfaction reflects itself automatically in the satisfaction of the customers in our market. Employee management is a strategic factor for the evolution of our business, because the satisfaction to be working for a company translates into greater efficiency and better quality of the final product”.

This important milestone confirms the high quality of Fabio Perini S.p.A., which enters with full rights in the international community of the “Great place to work” certified companies.

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Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director: “More efficiency and less costs. This is the objective of customer service: help our customers in preserving over time the value of their capital asset”

Fabio Perini S.p.A. took part in MIAC, where during the convention “Towards Converting Tissue 4.0” Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director, disclosed the new company strategy and presented the best available technologies to enhance performances, quality and management of the production process.

“Industry 4.0 for our company has its own application even in customer service, –Gianfranco Agnusdei comments – a field where the use and analysis of production data, together with the technical expertise of Fabio Perini’s people, allow customers to preserve over time the value of their capital asset and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their lines. Digital services are not limited to lines and systems supplied by Fabio Perini, but they can be used on equipment by other producers as well."

Gianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service DirectorGianfranco Agnusdei, Global Customer Service Director

Three years ago, Fabio Perini launched its Customer Service Portal, which has evolved becoming the customers’ digital touch point, with information on their installed base, the history of maintenance services, the suggested equipment modifications and a web shop for spare parts, placing orders directly online. Today the Portal becomes also the tool to activate and monitor line performance using two solutions, Tissue Data Cloud and Digital Shift Support.

The Tissue Data Cloud processes data based on a wide set of performance indicators, so as to offer the customer immediate visibility of the process critical points. Thanks to the Web Dashboard, the values of the line are re-elaborated easily and intuitively and available in real time for the production manager.

The second new feature is the Digital Shift Support, also activated from the Portal and available on the operator’s tablet. The Digital Shift Support is a smart application that collects, together with a minimal set of performance indicators, the production speed and the justifications of alarms by the operators.

“Up to now our path has been going through digitalization, from equipment alarm detection to production indicators analysis, so as to identify inefficiencies and be able to act on specific line sections. – Agnusdei goes on – But we at Fabio Perini are firmly convinced that no digital revolution can exist without the technical know-how accrued in our 50-years-long experience. Our Customer Service 4.0 is all about this: an extraordinary integration between technical expertise and the availability of data supplied by digital solutions”.

In fact, the availability of data and the expertise of Fabio Perini’s technicians will allow to supply a real Digital Audit and remotely detect causes, establishing in advance actions to solve issues. In this framework, even the Wearable Glasses find their place: in its new “goggle” version, this technologic solution for remote, real-time technical assistance is more ergonomic and performing, with 3D interaction and Augmented Reality. For this device, too, the expertise of Fabio Perini’s technicians is a key factor.

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Thanks to energy management the company has already saved over 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

Fabio Perini S.p.A has obtained the prestigious ISO 50001 certification for environmental sustainability. This milestone comes after a journey started in 2012 positioning Fabio Perini S.p.A. among the most cutting-edge companies in the converting sector and beyond.

2018 09 19 173647The company makes a formal statement of its focus on energy issue in the Energy Management System (EMS) document, where it officially commits itself to deploy human, financial and technologic resources to undertake a process of continuous improvement of its energy performances.

«In practice, what have we done? To start with – says Riccardo Signorini, Maintenance and Capex Manager of Fabio Perini S.p.A.– we deployed steps that can be defined “good housekeeping” such as switching off the overhead cranes at night and using our domotics to reduce waste of electric power and heating. Additionally, through the LSS methodology, we identified the best strategy for a more efficient energy management system, bringing Fabio Perini, as early as 2016, to be awarded the “Italia in Classe A”(Italy in A Class) prize by national Energy Agency ENEA».

Subsequently, Fabio Perini S.p.A. introduced led lights in the workshops, solar heating to obtain warm water in summer, solar films for the windows facing south and west and finally, one of the air compressors was replaced by a new generation model with inverter.

The results obtained are surprising: since 2015 the company has saved 12% power and 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

The energy management systems in accordance to the ISO 50001 standards make Fabio Perini S.p.A. a key partner for customers who rank sustainability high among their priorities, helping them in connecting their core business with this perspective.

«The ISO 50001 certification process has been a hard task for us all – explains Riccardo Signorini – but among all our values we also count the pursuit of a sustainable, profitable development model. It’s an exciting challenge as well as a duty. For the next generations as well as for ourselves».

“Obtaining the ISO 50001 certification is surely a prestigious milestone, but at the same time it is the beginning of a virtuous journey for Fabio Perini. This journey we have taken brought us to developing technical devices to be applied to our company’s products, aimed at optimizing energy performances, which at present represent an interesting plus for customers sensitive to sustainability, and a cutting-edge feature for the companies in our sector”, Alessio Galeotti, DNV GL Enterprise Customer Manager, commented.

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