Thursday, 02 June 2011 10:00

Nalco PARETO Mixing Technology Helps Suzano Pulp and Paper Save More Than 79 Million Gallons of Water

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Nalco, providing essential expertise for water, energy and air, has helped Suzano Pulp and Paper's industrial units in the cities of Suzano, Sao Paulo and Mucuri, Bahia in Brazil, significantly reduce water and chemical use in their papermaking process.


Suzano, the second largest global producer of eucalyptus pulp and regional leader in the paper market, developed a new set of KPIs (key performance indicators) for its papermaking operations and asked Nalco to find ways to improve its performance, reduce costs and optimize the use of natural resources.


The Nalco team identified the combination of a new retention, drainage and formation program with patented PARETO Mixing Technology to enhance the wet-end of the papermaking process, where high amounts of water and fiber are formed into the paper sheet before it is dried. By using the PARETO Optimizer solution, improved mixing was achieved, leading to the desired decrease in water and chemical usage.


"As a sustainability-oriented company, Suzano is always looking to increase its business competitiveness while at the same time implementing effective solutions that strengthen innovation," said Ernesto Pousada, Executive Director of Operations at Suzano Pulp and Paper.


With the implementation of these new technologies, total fresh water demand in both mills decreased more than 79 million gallons per year, leading to a significant improvement in the sustainability performance.


This success led Suzano Pulp and Paper to recognize its successful partnership with Nalco and present the company with the Suzano Providers Award, in the Innovation Category, in 2009.



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